Today I had a longwinded conversation with Ben about boogers.  Our lengthy chats are usually reserved for Batman or Captain America or poop, but today it was boogers.  Ben found a pea-sized piece of blue Play-Doh on the carpet and decided that it was a booger.  Then began the questions that typically come from three-year-olds:

“Why is it a booger?” he asked.
“It’s not a booger, buddy – it’s Play-Doh,” I replied.
“What color is it?”
“It’s blue.  You know that color!”
“Can I put it in my nose?”
“No, let’s not put Play-Doh in your-”

Yep.  Up the nose.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the time my younger brother Eric stuffed a cylindrical Lego up his nose.  That required an emergency room visit.  This incident just required some unpleasant (for both of us) “booger” harvesting using my fingers.

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